TRAKKARD team is unique collection of talents and professions that includes QUAD and ATV racers, designer, business developer, mechanical engineers and others, that got united together to find their own way of personal, utility and above all - the recreation transportation. We look for the path that goes through any terrain, the path that brings over the intense sensation of moving, flying, flowing, gliding … Follow us at a TRACK-TOR utility project, and especially the TRACK-E, the personal tracked vehicle that combines eco-friendly aspect of Segway scooter together with the ultimate freedom of move, one can only experience on tracked ATV.


Let’s have a look at TRACK-TOR prototype in a snow cleaning action for a start. And stay tuned ;-)
As mentioned, we are already building the second generation of the TRACK-E prototype. Just check the blog for the prototype progress and let us know what you think. If you like, you can discover our latest achievements also on FACEBOOK.